Meet the producer-led Red Meat Updates Working Group

The Red Meat Updates working group met today to progress the program for this year’s event in July.  Lots of great ideas for content and speakers, with a strong focus on ensuring the day is relevant and valuable to Tasmanian red meat producers, and ensuring that the pathway to the “next step” for learning more, following up or developing skills is highlighted.

For more information about the working group members click here.

RMU 2016 Working Group.jpg

Back row (L-R): David Squibb, Bruce Jackson, Tony Butler, Rodney Parker, George Shea, Penny Hooper.

Front row (L-R): Iain Bruce, Mel Rae, Georgie Burbury (working group chair), Frank Archer.

Absent: Basil Doonan, Irene Sobotta, Fiona Looker.

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