Take the next step… into the future of pasture biomass measurement

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Realtime pasture biomass assessment field day

2:30-5pm, Monday 31 October 2016

Bridgenorth Road, Westwood Tasmania

Did you see the presentation about using optical sensors and phone apps to measure pasture biomass when you were at Red Meat Updates this year?  Tony Butler (TIA), Will Green (The Glen) and John Francis (Holmes Sackett) gave their perspectives on this exciting new technology and explained how Tasmanian producers are helping to road test and calibrate devices as part of a national project supported by Meat & Livestock Australia.

A field day is being held at the end of the month at Westwood, which provides you with the opportunity to go along and find out more, talk to the producers who are trialing the technology and ask lots of questions.

Click here to find out more and register.


Will Green answering questions about his experience with pasture measurement technology at Red Meat Updates in July 2016

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