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MLA’s Profitable Grazing Systems program

Have you previously been involved in More Beef from Pastures or Making More from Sheep events or training?  MLA has a new extension program called Profitable Grazing Systems, which is focused on building skills to enable red meat producers to implement changes to their business to improve performance and sustainability.

Through Profitable Grazing Systems, you will be able develop and practice skills with small groups of like minded producers to improve business performance.

Whether you want to learn about genetics and reproduction, the value chain, feedbase or managing people and the business, specialist coaches work alongside groups to share their knowledge, skills and experience.

For more information about the Profitable Grazing Systems program, click here.

Business management


Succession planning – A path to healthy business and family

Tools & resources

MLA cost of production calculator

More Beef from Pastures online manual – Setting directions

Making More from Sheep online manual – Plan for success

Making More from Sheep online manual – People & succession planning

Pasture & grazing management

Training activities


Pasture Principles: February 2018

Pasture Principles 2017 is underway.  To register your interest in the 2018 course intake, please contact Penny Hooper on 0408 948 308 or phooper@macfrank.com.au

Pasture management is the fundamental skill that determines the financial performance of pasture based grazing systems. Managers that exhibit a high degree of pasture management skill are far more profitable than those with less developed skills. The aim of Pasture Principles is to provide sheep and cattle producers with a set of guiding principles that will allow them to manage confidently regardless of the season, situation or system. The program is delivered by Macquarie Franklin over a 12-month period. The next course commences in February 2017.

The key areas covered in the program include:

  1. An understanding of the relationship between plant requirements, leaf emergence rates and pasture growth
  2. Plant morphology and the relationship with pasture quality, pasture quantity and plant persistence
  3. Measuring and predicting pasture growth
  4. Allocation of pasture on a dry matter basis
  5. Variations in pasture quality throughout the season
  6. The relationship between stocking rate and pasture utilisation
  7. Animal requirements for maintenance, growth, pregnancy and lactation
  8. Feed budgeting
  9. Feed planning
  10. Marginal cost and marginal revenue decisions associated with feeding livestock

For more information about Pasture Principles, click here.

Tools & resources

MLA stocking rate calculator

MLA feed demand calculator

MLA rainfall to pasture growth outlook tool

Pasture improvement calculator

More Beef from Pastures online manual – pasture growth

More Beef from Pastures online manual – pasture utilisation

Making More from Sheep online manual – grow more pasture

Making More from Sheep online manual – turn pasture into product

Successful Silage – online manual

Livestock management

Tools & resources

More Beef from Pastures online manual – maximizing weaner throughput

More Beef from Pastures online manual – herd health & welfare

Making More from Sheep online manual – wean more lambs

Making More from Sheep online manual – sheep health

MLA On-Farm-Biosecurity-Plan-Template

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