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  • Pasture & grazing management
  • Business management
  • Livestock management

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MLA’s Profitable Grazing Systems program

Profitable Grazing Systems is Meat & Livestock Australia’s flagship extension program, focused on building skills to enable red meat producers to implement changes to their business to improve performance and sustainability.

Through Profitable Grazing Systems, you will be able develop and practice skills with small groups of like minded producers to improve business performance.

Whether you want to learn about genetics and reproduction, the value chain, feedbase or managing people and the business, specialist coaches work alongside groups to share their knowledge, skills and experience.

For more information about the Profitable Grazing Systems program, click here.

Pasture & grazing management

Training activities

Grazing management decisions are the key driver for how productive and profitable livestock businesses are. On average, producers who have upskilled in grazing management lift their return on assets managed by three to six times.  Click here to listen to the story of two producers who have recently undertaken a pasture management training course; Bruce Abblitt from Fairview Dairies at Redpa and Piers Dumaresq from Mount Ireh Estate at Longford.

Pasture Principles

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Registrations for Pinion Advisory’s Pasture Principles program are currently open for 2023.

Depending upon interest, the courses will be located tentatively in:
  • Western northern midlands (Cressy, Longford and surrounding areas)
  • Meander Valley (Meander, Deloraine and surrounding areas)
  • Eastern north midlands/Tamar (Tamar Valley, Nile and Evandale districts )
  • Central midlands (Campbell Town, Tunbridge and Ross districts)
  • Derwent Valley
  • Alternatively, if you have a group of 8+ businesses located elsewhere and and would like to participate please contact Pinion Advisory 
The course involves one theory day and seven practical sessions, delivered within a 12 month period, with sessions aligned with key seasonal pasture management timeframes. The key areas covered in the program include:
  1. An understanding of the relationship between plant requirements, leaf emergence rates and pasture growth
  2. Plant morphology and the relationship with pasture quality, pasture quantity and plant persistence
  3. Measuring and predicting pasture growth
  4. Allocation of pasture on a dry matter basis
  5. Variations in pasture quality throughout the season
  6. The relationship between stocking rate and pasture utilisation
  7. Animal requirements for maintenance, growth, pregnancy and lactation
  8. Feed budgeting
  9. Feed planning
  10. Marginal cost and marginal revenue decisions associated with feeding livestock

For more information about Pasture Principles, contact Joanna Jones on 0438 010 707 or pastureprinciples@pinionadvisory.com or to view the information flyer. 

Tools & resource

MLA’s Toolbox – Online training, tools and resources

The MLA Toolbox has been developed to offer several eLearning modules to extend best management practices. The eLearning modules are free to enrol in and complete and courses are available across feedbase, carbon, genetics and animal health.

Take a look at what courses are offered here.

Business management

Tools & resources

Livestock management

Training activities

Lifetime Ewe Management

The Lifetime Ewe Management program runs over the 12 month weaning to weaning cycle. The timing of each meeting is linked to critical stages in the management of the ewe’s reproductive cycle. All sessions involve a visit to each participant’s farm and focus on condition scoring, pasture assessing and feed budgeting activities that are practical and applicable to the farm business.

The program also focuses on improving producer understanding of the influence ewe nutrition has on the performance of the ewe and her progeny.

Lifetime Ewe Management provides a pathway for you to develop a successful and productive animal production system.

Learn more about Lifetime Ewe Management courses in Tasmania here

Tools & resources

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