low res logoBelow are testimonials from producers and sponsors who have previously attended Red Meat Updates.


Feedback from producers:

Gilbert Taylor, St Johnstone, Campbell Town

Sheep and cattle producer

I know the speakers, particularly the producer speakers, and I want to understand them and their businesses more.”

“It’s a great opportunity to compare my business with other businesses and to see how other people adapt and utilise the different income streams that are available to them.”

Lauchie Cole, Woodbourn, Cressy

Sheep and cattle producer

“There are many topics to suit all people and it is excellent that there are so many switched-on producers there that can discuss the issues raised in each presentation and give it a really practical focus. It is also great to hear an update on MLA strategies.”

“There are a lot of field days out there, and you can’t go to them all, but this is certainly one you can’t miss due excellent content and network opportunities.”

John Ramsay, Ratho, Bothwell

Sheep producer

“I attend Red Meat Updates to get information about what the best producers are doing and what best practice is on red meat farms in Tasmania, now and into the future.”

“There is a variety of speakers and very relevant topics, as well as being well run, enjoyable and held at a good time of the year.”

Josie Archer, Milton, Cranbrook

Sheep producer

“It is a great opportunity to network with others within the same industry, learning and comparing ideas and opinions. As well as extending your knowledge and improving your business.”

“Red Meat Updates is a great place to network with people from all areas within the same industry. It does not matter if you are dryland or irrigated, sheep or cattle, as there is sure to be sessions where you will gain relevant information to take home and benefit from.”

Feedback from sponsors:

“The attraction of producers to the event is extremely high.  All our attending staff agreed it was excellent value and opportunity.”

“The event is consistently attended by over 300 people and exposes us to many producers, including youth.”

“I thought it was an excellent event again this year and look forward to being involved again in 2017.”

“Red Meat Updates is now the leading red meat event in Tasmania.”

“Sponsoring Red Meat Updates gave us an opportunity to have our brand linked with a very relevant and successful industry event. Within our business, we are very much in favour of embracing new technologies and management practices to improve productivity in the red meat sector. Red Meat Updates provided producers with an opportunity to stimulate their minds and promote positive thinking.”

“We are a proud sponsor of Red Meat Updates, which provides us with the opportunity to support the Tasmanian agricultural industry, increase the awareness and profile of our company and most importantly, connect with local farmers to discuss opportunities to assist them improve their farming operation and profitability.”