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Red Meat Updates 2018

  • Virtual Farm Tour was sensational!
  • Great to have such a resource available to the sector
  • Learnt a lot and seeing different people’s opinions was great
  • Good content, good networking, good value
  • Very positive use of manager and my time
  • Eye opening
  • Very informative and relevant to industry
  • Positive and educational
  • Best field day of the year
  • Excellent day well organised
  • Very informative, fun, networking day
  • Another wonderful informative day
  • Very good, motivating and inspiring
  • Very worthwhile day
  • Truly worth taking the time to attend!
  • Well set up event with relevant and helpful information
  • Very encouraged by the information presented
  • Loved the producer stories

Red Meat Updates 2017

  • A very good day for the industry
  • Great to see the young age demographic well represented
  • A must attend annual function
  • Sensational!
  • Great information day to hear what producers are doing and network
  • Today was fabulous
  • Once a year opportunity to gather with like-minded producers to hear and discuss
  • what is happening in our industry
  • A chance to participate in a conference that has relevance to Tasmanian red meat producers
  • Today was great – will definitely be back next year
  • RMU is a unique, professionally run event that any red meat producer would benefit from attending
  • I really enjoyed the chance to network and meet people
  • Worth taking a day off for
  • Great overview, great networking, great introduction and awareness of resources
  • Networking extravaganza
  • Wonderful – happy to continue to sponsor
  • Interactive and informative day to reinvigorate me and my red meat business
  • Implementing the practices spoken about has more than doubled our kg of beef/ha and return on capital
  • Refreshing, informative and inspiring people, especially some of the women involved
  • The number of producers that come to RMU says it all
  • The most important agricultural event I have seen so far for furthering the industry

Red Meat Updates 2016