Working Group

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The Red Meat Updates Working Group is producer-led and comprised of red meat producers from across Tasmania, researchers, industry representatives, advisors and Meat & Livestock Australia. The mix of representatives ensures the program is relevant and valuable to the broader red meat industry.

Members of the 2018 Red Meat Updates Working Group are:

  • Georgie Burbury, Chair – RH & GH Burbury
  • Iain Bruce – Western Plains & TP Jones
  • Stephen Creese – Cresse Northeast
  • Chris Headlam – Lowes Park
  • Alison Napier – Harefield
  • George Shea – Lyndall
  • Jamie Downie – Dungrove
  • Mick Taylor – MLA
  • Jackie Kyte – MLA
  • Basil Doonan – Macquarie Franklin
  • David Squibb – PGG Wrightson Seeds
  • Georgie Pengilley – Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Red Meat Updates 2018 Working Group: (L-R) Jamie Downie, Iain Bruce, Stephen Creese, Chris Headlam, Basil Doonan, George Shea, Georgie Burbury.  (Absent: Alison Napier, Mick Taylor, Jackie Kyte, David Squibb, Georgie Pengilley)