What is Red Meat Updates?

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Tickets to Red Meat Updates 2023 will go on sale on Monday, 15 May at 12:00pm. 

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What is Red Meat Updates?

Red Meat Updates is an annual conference developed to provide information, inspiration  and connections for the Tasmanian red meat industry.  The program is developed by a producer-led working group, which ensures the event is relevant, valuable, respected and well attended by sheep and cattle producers.

Red Meat Updates was first held in 2013 and has continued to grow ever since. The event consistently attracts more than 300 people, with over 350 people attending recent years and tickets selling out in advance. Approximately 70% of conference attendees are sheep and cattle producers.

Red Meat Updates covers a range of production, business and supply chain topics under the themes of beef, sheep, dryland pasture and irrigated pasture.

The event is funded by industry organisations and businesses and has very clear objectives in what it sets out to achieve.

The objectives of Red Meat Updates are to:

  • better connect individuals and organisations involved in the red meat industry and encourage networking;
  • raise awareness of red meat research, development and extension programs and projects;
  • highlight research outputs that have relevance to Tasmanian red meat producers;
  • identify useful and relevant tools and resources that are available to industry;
  • showcase what is possible (stretch targets) in terms of sustainable and profitable production and motivate producers to want to improve;
  • highlight examples of what producers are doing to work towards achieving these stretch targets; and
  • signpost activities, programs and projects producers can get involved in to enable them to build knowledge, skills and make meaningful on-farm practice change.

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