Seasonal updates on Facebook

Over the next few weeks, the Red Meat Updates Facebook page will be posting a series of updates about what the season is looking like for red meat producers in different regions of Tasmania.

There will be comments on rainfall conditions over the last nine months, the impact recent rainfall (or lack of) has had on feed availability, is irrigated fodder playing an important role, are people supplementary feeding and what management actions are being taken to prepare for winter?

First cab off the rank is Hamilton in the Derwent Valley.

Whilst the DV got more of a spring than some other places in Tasmania, the area missed out on the good rainfalls that much of the State benefited from in late January…

Visit the Red Meat Updates Facebook page to read more and see photos of how things are looking in the DV.  Make sure you “like” the Facebook page so  you can stay up to date.


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