The January Livestock Health Monitoring Report is now available!

The January Livestock Health Monitoring Report is now available!

This report outlines various health issues seen in flocks and herds across Tasmania in January 2018

This month saw several cases of sheep measles in animals from many properties observed at an abattoir. The measles take form as small, white lumps in the heart or skeletal muscles of the sheep. While sheep measles do not affect animal growth rates they do have a significant effect on carcase quality and the carcases need to be trimmed or condemned if severely infected.

Sheep measles is contracted through the transfer of tapeworm eggs in dog faeces onto pasture which is then ingested by the sheep. To prevent an outbreak on your property, ensure that all dogs (including visiting hunter’s and contractor’s dogs) are treated every 30 days with a wormer containing praziquantel.

Read the full report.


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