January Livestock Health Monitoring Report now available!

The January Livestock Health Monitoring Report is now available!

This report outlines various health issues seen in flocks and herds across Tasmania in January 2021.

Good surveillance and early action on suspicion of a disease outbreak can limit the damage. There has been presence of virulent foot rot observed this month in a sheep breeding operation, the most likely source being being a ram from a clean stud on the mainland transported to Tasmania via commercial livestock transport. With quick, decisive action and effective treatment administered, this outbreak should have limited impact on the operation. More details are outlined in the report under ‘biosecurity story of the month’.

If you would like more information on this project, please contact coordinator, Dr Bruce Jackson on 0407 872 520 or rja69392@bigpond.net.au

Further reading
For farm biosecurity plans, animal health declarations and information on biosecurity practices see: http://www.farmbiosecurity.com.au/

• Report any suspicion of an Emergency Animal Disease to the Hotline on 1800 675 888
• Never feed animal protein such as meat meal to any ruminant including sheep.
• Use NVDs and NLIS tags properly so that animals can be ‘contact traced’ quickly if there is an outbreak of an Emergency Animal Disease.

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