September and October Livestock Health Monitoring Reports now available!

The September and October Livestock Health Monitoring Reports are now available!

This report outlines various health issues seen in flocks and herds across Tasmania in September/October 2021.

Good surveillance and early action on suspicion of a disease outbreak can limit the damage.

“One of the most important lessons from Covid-19 has been “Go hard, go early”. If an outbreak is detected while only a few individuals are infected, lockdowns (we use the term “stock standstill” in the animal world) can be very effective. It is just so important that anyone who sees some suggestive clinical signs in animals (e.g., salivation, lameness, blisters in the case of Foot and Mouth Disease reports this immediately to their vet or the Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) Hotline 1800 675 888. If it is a false alarm, no harm done.

The importance of ‘contact tracing’ has been emphasised during the Covid-19 outbreak, and most of us are used to scanning in as we enter buildings and venues. Our National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), Property Identification Codes (PICs) and National Vendor Declaration (NVD) system and transferring animal IDs on databases are all part of an equivalent animal tracing system that has to be operating constantly in case there is an outbreak of an EAD. The better we all comply with this system, the faster we can get on top of any outbreak.” – Dr Bruce Jackson, Veterinary Consultant

You can find previous reports and subscribe to receive the monthly report here

For more information on this project, contact Bruce Jackson on 0407 872 520 or

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