The evaluation data is in… What did people say about Red Meat Updates 2016?

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Who was there?

  • 333 people attended the event, 65% were red meat producers and 35% were from a range of other roles within the red meat industry

How good was the program?

  • The program content, format and relevance all scored 9/10 on average
  • 96% of people plan to attend Red Meat Updates again

Did the day inspire people to make a practice change?

  • After attending Red Meat Updates, 72% intend to access a tool or resource promoted at the conference to assist in decision making
  • 59% of attendees intend to participate in a follow up training activity to build their knowledge and skills on a topic covered at the conference
  • 18% of people intend to make some other form of change to their business as a result of attending

What did people say about the day?

  • “Very informative and an avenue to catch up with the whole industry”
  • “High quality presentations and networking opportunities”
  • “An informative day. Highlighted next steps to learn more & build skills”
  • “I will attend again for updates and networking”

What was the online impact?

Between 1 March and 31 August…

  • was visited by 1600 different people, totalling 5,542 page views
  • The Red Meat Updates – Tasmania Facebook page reached 314 total page likes, 29,327 people saw our FB posts and 571 people were engaged
  • The @RedMeatUpdates Twitter account reached 606 followers, had 1,576 profile visits, created 52,226 tweet impressions and had 339 mentions

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